Set Free to Live Free

Come check out the latest installation of art at Park Community Church Near North Chicago. A combination of Acrylic Paintings, Framed Scripture and Photographs. The art explores the notion of “Flowers in a Field” the paintings offer vistas of flourishing and the photographs juxtapose the flourishing with fading flowers. The goal is to see ourselves as temporary but our God is eternal. He does not shift like the shadows or fade the flowers, his word endures forever. Therefore we are set free to live free! Knowing our state and knowing who God is allows us to live courageously on this earth, understanding our time is limited and that our Good Father cares for us. The canvas rise toward the easel with the “set free to live free frame.” Our hope rises, the Israelites are reminded to look up, Christ is lifted up. We yearn for Christ and our permanent home. Someday we will share in his glory and not fade like the flowers. Until that time, we look to them as a reminder that we created beings designed to serve God and to live and work from that place of freedom, not the natural state of bondage and decay. The pattern of flourishing and fading is true of the Israelites and true of us. Our pilgrimage isn’t perfect but it is designed to move us forward and help us look upward to our Victor.

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