There once was a house in Musical Land that looked like a ladder and stood on its end.

Inside was the most magnificent voluminous space, with stripes of color that ribboned through the place.

Instruments would come alive for just a minute or two, and welcome whoever dinged the entrance bell with the music bugaloo.

It really was a treasure but who would be the first honored guest, did it have to be someone dignified or wealthy to be blessed?

The General of Musical Land was really tall and thin, with a mustache shaped like notes with stars on his chin.

He struck the note that was highest of all; it turned the house red as it chimed its call.

The doors swung wide as he sauntered in, did it have to be someone as large and regal as him?

Next was the Governess of guitars and strings, she was plump and jolly and wore many dangly things.

On her tip toes she struck a note in the middle, the house switched to blue and twanged like fiddle.

One could hear her squeal with delight, as her eyes and ears witnessed the instruments take flight.

Last but not least was little Billy Kazoo, he was gleeful and tiny and half a year more than two.

He skipped to the bottom and struck a low plank, the house turned yellow and bellowed like an earthquake.

To everyone’s surprise and with much joy, little Billy entered the house with his beloved kazoo toy.

The community all cheered because the house was made for all, it would ring out music and change colors to them from the tall to the small.

Xylophone house it was notably named and it still stands at the end of Beneficence Lane.

The End