Drip, drop, drip,drop
Salt water to the earth

How will seeds grow from tears
How does mourning cease

Each morning and night it seems
Dew drops on my pillow

Paths off pain run down my face
Is there another way oh Lord?

Downpours of healing
My body (mentally) kneeling

Sprouts protected from freeze
Blossoms blow in the breeze

Fortified faith, fortified family
Fresh waster falling

Eyes peering through rain
Not the sting of salt on skin

A fight for my body
It’s weighted down

My eyes stare a cracks in the ceiling
Waiting, lord, waiting for healing

Father there is saltwater in life
It’s waves fill most of the earth

But please let me taste the fruit
From flowing rivers, bubbling brooks

The water from melons,
Drops from the clouds

  1. A divine appeal
    Before my evening meal