This notable beast, nibbles, eats. Hunts for cuisine

A drink, predictably first.
Volcanoes smoothie

Hot lava rocks mixed with..
Fizzy sulfur dew

Bubbles of gas, brew, boils fast
Belly grows(and groans)

Next garden compost compote
Worms, grub, gulp

Coffee grinds, seasoned bits
Lizard tongue licks

Eyes widen, energy level
Rises, and rises

Darts to the forest, deep cover
First course is..

Beetles, billions of them
Red like berries

Floating in broth, sip, slurp
soup, spoonless

Dos, due, course number two!
The city dump

Heaps, hoards, discarded stuff
Toss’d trash salad

Sprinkled with diapers
Dolloped cans

Save room for the feast!
Egg drop shoe

Stinky from toes, sour from slime
Truly divine

Fare from feet, the beast whirls
What a treat!

For the first time, still..
Quiet, waiting

Wild now tame, seated
At the table

“Please,” the animal grins
Chin to chin

Napkin neatly in lap
Chocolate pie

Slice, munch, crunch eat
Then burppp!

A child, excuse me ma’am
Smile and exit