Seasons Afloat

Spring umbrellas scattered in morning gray clouds. Vivid colors of the rainbow welcoming the change of season. Caught by the breeze they tilt, smile and soar

Afternoon sun breaks free from looming clouds. Sunbeams stream and float, rays of golden hope. Crab trees pink blossoms fluttering fleeting filling the horizon.

Laughter filled parks echoing children’s bliss before bed. Black swings suspended in the dusk sky, pigtails saluting the night. Diamonds of color gliding high, sinking down in a lullaby.

Summers golden lion flowers change to feathery white towers. Soaring high giving way to fields of green and bare feet leaping, jumping defying gravity. Bubbles merge, pop, reflect the sky and mirror the glory.

Hazy heated afternoons elevated by by a red, white and blue balloon. Carried by the waters breeze bouncing, flying high. Sticky skin sandy gust cool water body afloat.

Evening fireflies glowing, dotting the damp grass. As stars in the night they fill your sight. Flags, sparks, sunsets waving and flickering good night.

Falls maples of red, silver and green drift into a brown and yellow sleep. Lining the ground in the morning sunrise. With twirling swirling seeded skies.

Wheat heads skipping in the afternoon air. Some heavy laden with gold bow down. Others nod to their feathered friends taking flight.

Sweet and smoky air hovers up to the the full approving moon. Campfires blue, red, and orange dance in the night. Dark capes float, bright candy is tossed, shadows slide.

Winters morning flurries of lace dance with such rhythm the nutcracker must beam. Their icy breeze touching trees, streets and noses.

Afternoon sleds fly down glittering hills. Boot powered, mitten guided rockets, trailed by knit scarves of red and green that float then land in the majestic scene.

Evening lights twinkle and mesmerize all the families passing by. Blankets of snow that cover the glow and radiate its shining beams. Pine trees brimming with warmth joy and praise.

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