Hop Skip Help

A kangaroo was bouncing along one bright and cheerful day,
Looking for some animals to help along the way.

Her once full pouch is now very vacant and empty.
Her joeys are all grown up and the cozy space is free.

Hop skip hop
Hop skip help

She came apon a dim lit crooked creaky road.
And there she saw a lonely hop less little toad.

His face was down and his dry eyes were wet.
She hopped and thought he needs a friend I bet.

He joined her for what seemed like several city blocks.
All the little toad needed was a smile and pep talk.

Hop skip hop
Hop skip help

Next her feet leaped through the clover of a meadow.
And there she saw a worried bunny looking for the metro.

The bunny was hopping quite late to meet a giant friend,
Kangaroo came right up, a pouch invite she did extend.

A merry time they had with quite a few leaps and laughs.
“Farewell,” bunny said and had her lunch date with giraffe.

Hop skip hop
Hop skip help

At the base of the old, older, oldest of oak trees,
Some little birdies were hip hopping and chirping.

Quite a few trees away a mother robin was looking,
Her birds had tried to fly the coop while she was cooking.

Kangaroo nestled the nest less little birds.
Happy for the ride they promised to listen to mamas words.

Hop skip hop
Hop skip help

A helping hop, a cozy pouch whatever is your gift,
Think about those animals that could use a smile or a lift.


(Cover image provided by Benjamin Swygart)