Grandma Nearby lives on a farm. I ride my bike to her house. I feel the Sun on my back, I smell the sweet wheat as I pedal. I hear the wind blow and see the crops flow in a wave like pattern. I taste dust in the air, I feel it on my fingers as they grip the handles.

Grandma Nearby has a house made of brick and a sunroom in the garage with green furniture. She has a garden full of gladiolus, fruit and vegetables. There is a barn where grandpa builds with wood. Sawdust covers everything in sight, buzz buzz goes the blade.

Grandma Nearby has a dog named fefe a poodle pet on a farm. She pampers him, pets him, loves him. Stray cats know where to roam, to Grandmas house to find a home. Dishes filled with milk and sopping bread. Sometimes Grandma cracks an egg on top, it helps them get strong she says.

Grandma Nearby has raspberry bushes behind the barn. I explore, I find, I eat, then repeat. The berries are so red and tart, this is my favorite place to be, what a treat!

Grandma Nearby makes lunch, we all gather around the table for grace. We slurp tomato soup and eat sandwiches. Grandma offers me more and more food. I burp, say excuse me, then accept. Dessert is either frozen fudge pops or cookies in a whip cream container.

Grandma Nearby watches me as I roam. I walk on the bricks that guide her garden bed. I balance then tip and try again. I stare at the birdhouse next to the bird bath, I imagine a family living there. If only I could see inside. Grandma laughs as I ride my bike in circles on her fresh pavement, hard to find in lanes laced with gravel.

Grandma Nearby brings me in for a snack. Grandpa rests in his easy chair nodding off to sleep. I eat potato chips mixed with pretzels. I build with tinker toys. Wooden wonders each time I create. Grandma bustles in the kitchen making pie. I wander into her bedroom, through the dim light, I know exactly where to go, The bottom drawers of her dresser. Two pristine hats made of fleece, feather in one, pearls draped on the other. I play, pretend and dream.

Grandma Nearby sends me home on my bike, I wave goodbye. I will miss her stories and smiles. I ride on as The Sun hangs low, I can see my home. I am greeted by dad who asks about the visit. Soon he says I will see Grandma Nearby again.

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