To Grandma Far Away we drive, and drive and drive. Her car is big it smells like perfume we listen to easy listening songs. I eat ginger snaps as we travel on.

Grandma Far Away has a yellow house, with soft, soft grass. There is one bathroom and it’s pink I love it! Pink toilet, pink sink, pink tub. I will get covered in pink suds.

Grandma Far Away has lots of interesting toys. Marbles with sticks that slowly drop then I hear kerplop! A Spiral drawing set that doodles details that look like grandmas doilies. And badminton, birdie balanced on brim sailing through the air, lands in soft grass. We play a game Grandma and I across the short net. Back and forth we bat the birdie till we are tired and a little dirty.

Grandma Far Away has special things to eat. Grandpa picks up sweet, sweet orange rolls from down the street. In the evenings we have cheese popcorn, salty and yummy it covers my fingers and satisfies my tummy. Soda from a liter, poured in pastel glasses with fruit shaped ice. It bubbles, then tingles my cheese filled mouth.

Grandma Far Away takes me too the store. In front are iron ponies that I ride for a quarter. Whirls for a minute than I stop. We get things Grandma needs but also a beautiful rubber ball. Stored in the aisle, colors so bright. I pick the one that’s pinkish orange, covered in swirls. I smile and snuggle my treasure.

Grandma Far Away gets me ready for bed. Grandpa watches baseball on the tv, I watch from the carpet. Grandpa talks about strikes and batters, homeruns and shutouts. We hear the organ play “take me out to the ball game,” we sing along.  The house feels warm, with lamps of light, and love. The couch in the den pulls out into a bed. I watch a special cartoon with critters, then am covered in a quilt and whispered good night. I like staying at Grandma Far Aways House.

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