9 o’clock morning glory start the day on dainty vines pinwheel displays

10 o’clock dew drops dry on pansies pretty petals in the suns shine

11 o’clock clematis climb white flowers on wood trellis before lunchtime

12 o’clock the impatiens faint thirsty from the sun like drops of paint

1 o’clock zinnias rise pink origami opens upward toward the sky

2 o’clock for get me nots rest in shady spots bluish purple pleasing dots

3 o’clock daffodils glow yellow embers sunshine’s toes green stems brush my nose

4 o’clock rose buds smile a few more weeks till bloom wait a little while

5 o’clock snapdragons eat, pollen covered lips tummies full of seeds

6 o’clock buttercups churn sweets for our eyes fine layered cups of desert

7 o’clock violets shy acknowledging the cooling violet night skies

8 o’clock the sun begins to set begonias nod to rest their heads

9 o’clock I turn my sheets slip softly into my cool lilac dreams

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