We can stare at the moon, but not at the sun. Ray reflections run.

They caress the surface, they help us to see, something we would know not be.

The imperfections are visible. The canyons, craters, chasms, gullys impossible to fathom

What we see is but a trace. Of the glory and brilliance of the original face.

Lord you see my imperfections yet still someday I will glow white as snow peak confections

Holy, holy, holy are you the righteous one. Cherubim and seraphim come.

At your command all was made. The foundation of this earth and moon were laid.

By your self sustaining power, the earth is bathed in light ever hour.

Balance of all scientific might. Heat expands, space contracts. A majestic act.

By you and in you all thing are clear. The order of nature, the shape of a sphere.

Yet holy, holy, holy are you. The invincible, everlasting, blazing sunlight.