Sips of soda, sweet suds
A taste, a yearning, a treat

Sprinkles on a cupcake
Tastebuds delight, no mistake

A peppermint, red and white
Stripes of our saviors might

Tart lemon, juicy tang
Carrots munching, chorus

Symphony of senses
Glimpses of grace

That point to a much loftier place
Painting, engraving, etching faith

Upward, onward we yearn
To God’s promises, in turn

Due time, a green tomato on vine
Strain ahead, a watermelon bed

Honey drips from summer bees
Oak Acorns stored in winter trees

Seasons of waiting
Then comes celebrating

The birth of a king
Endless worshipping

Now we know, only in part
Soon we will see the full piece of art

Reflections of a future glory
Christ authors each of our stories