What would a dog do with a day off I wonder?

The Firefighting Dalmatian works hard all week
Riding in the truck as it flies down the street
He rescue kids from houses
And returns things like pet mouse’s

But what he does when there’s no work to be done
Is he finds a beach nearby and he lays in the sun

The Canine Detective has quite the job
He investigates crimes and people who have been robbed

He uses his nose to find lots of clues
And points out when other dogs on the sidewalk go poo poo

On his day off he likes to eat
With his friends and they go for ice cream treats

The Greyhound Racer has a unique test
He runs and he runs to be faster than the rest

He chases a bunny that is not quite a bunny
And if he catches it he wins a lot of money

On his day off he likes to hunt for treasure
He digs and digs for bones too big to measure

The Husky Sled Dog has to pull a heavy load
He races with his friends in drifts of snow

He is use to the cold but still likes sweaters
Because he has to work in all sorts of weather

On his day off he likes to ice fish
He sets up a hut and waits for his favorite dish

The Poodle Show Dog has a nice gig
She struts and she turns with what looks like a wig

All day she prepares to look her finest
She’d like to be crowned a queen and called your highness

On her day off she prefers to sip tea
In a rowboat that is anchored out on the sea

The Labrador Farm Dog has a great deal
He must round the cows for the dinner meal
And if corncobs are left over
He’s allowed to eat them instead of clover

On his day off he enjoys the guitar
He sings and dances like a movie star
So if you have ever wondered what a dog does on his day off,
I urge you to sit and ponder such silly stuff.