Once there was a boy who lived in New York City. He was an adventurous boy and loved to explore with his mom and baby sister. The boy really wanted a dog, he had asked his mother for one and she responded, “Well what type of dog would you like?” The boy had no idea; there are types he asked himself.

His mom decided to take him to the dog park in Central Park to get an idea of what types of dogs exist. They packed up a picnic to eat along the way; they started towards the park and entered the park on the southeast corner at the Zoo. Traveling through the Zoo is always fun the boy thought, lots of family’s running around and the scent of popcorn in the air. (Mutt eating popcorn off the floor at the zoo) On their way to Sheep’s Meadow for the picnic they passed Balto the sled dog sculpture each taking a turn to climb on the beloved dogs back. (Mutt poking his head out around Balto) He was a sled dog hero they say! Maybe my dog will be from heroic decent the boy dreamed. As they traveled on they arrived at the Sheep’s Meadow. It was a little muddy from the rain the night before. They took off their shoes and let their toes settle in the grass. Momma got out the delicious peanut butter sandwiches and grapes and laid them on a checkered blanket. After having their fill they packed up, but one of the boy’s shoes was missing. Was it lost in the mud? They looked and looked but couldn’t find it. (Mutt digging shoe out of mud) So he had to continue on to the dog park barefooted caring the remaining shoe in hand.

They arrived at the dog park and sat on a not so comfortable bench and watched the dogs promenade through the park. (Mutt frolicking beyond) It was so funny to see all the different types of dogs.

First they saw a muscular Bulldog with an equally muscular owner. The dog stood proud as he marched but paid very little attention to the other dogs. The boy wanted a dog who would be friendly he thought to himself.

Next was an elderly Spaniel slowly leading an old lady down the brick path. They both wore tan from head to tail. The owner had a vest with a dotted scarf and fashionably so did the dog. They respectfully walked around the park. The boy thought, maybe the dog should be young like me.

Then the boy saw a tiny Maltase with a pink leopard collar being carried in a shiny pink bag by a small woman covered in lots of pink and talking on her leopard covered cellphone. The boy decided he wanted a dog that would walk not be carried in a purse.

After this, the boy saw a very proper black Poodle with his hair pristine, escorted by a lady in a black suit with her hair slicked back in a bun. Very impressive he thought but not right for a boy, he wanted a dog with less maintenance.

Then the boy watched a couple running through the park with two Golden Retrievers, they were all full of energy as they sped by. They seemed to be training for a marathon. The boy wasn’t sure a golden retriever would fit in their apartment so the dog may need to be smaller.

Lastly he saw a Dachshund also known as a Wiener dog eating some Schnitzel with quite a large owner in a Bavarian hat eating Schnitzel as well as they meandered down the path. The boy giggled to himself as he saw the Wiener dogs back legs fishtailing like they were on ice. He thought he should probably get a dog that eats bones, his mom doesn’t make schnitzel.

The boy turned to his mother and said, “There are no good dogs here for a boy”. His shoulders sank and he began to look off into the distance with a melancholy sigh. Then a little mutt came running toward him with his lost shoe! The dog was playful, tiny and perfect. But whose dog was this? And what type of dog was it?

Coming towards them was the park ranger. Probably to collect the puppy the boy thought; but as the ranger drew near a smile started to rise on the left corner of his mouth. He approached the boy and his mother and asked, “Is this your dog?” The boy looked down and said, “No sir this is not our dog.” The ranger asked, “Would you like it to be yours?” He went onto say that the little puppy mutt had been roaming around the park for the last week and had no owner. So if the boy would like to take him home he was welcome to adopt him. The boy looked up at his mother; she smiled and said, “That would be just great.” The boy decided a mutt was the perfect type of dog for him, and he named him Balto because he had rescued his shoe.
The End