A mother cat delighted with spring and carrying six baby kittens, set out to find a nice dry, soft, quiet, and warm home at the farmyard.

She waddle down the gravel lane and spotted a juniper bush that was tall and scraggly. It had several orangish limbs dappled with greenery. “What a lovely spot” she said and tested it out for the night. Resting under its scented canopy she yawned and watched the sunset. She fell fast asleep. But was suddenly awakened by a boom, a crack, and a gush of water! The juniper was located right next to a downspout, the spot flooded faster than a cats meow.

The mother cat ran off to the chicken coop for cover. She was greeted by her feathery hosts clucking there “greetings, cluck, greetings.” She laid her sleepy head on the soft feathers. This is cozy she thought, and very warm. As she dozed to sleep another boom, crack and this time a loud screech and squawk. The chickens startled by the storm circled round and round fussing, fluffing their feathers, flustered and frantic. This place is to loud thought the mother cat, I must scat!

Through the wet grass she roamed to find a new home. She saw a dim light in the distance the shed door was damaged. She scampered in leaving wet paw marks on the cement. As she dried her coat she saw a red box sparkling. It was the farmers tool box. A laquer paint with velvet lined drawers. Ahhh she said as she settled in the cozy compartments. The space was dry and quiet, very peaceful. She stretched out her legs and curled her tail. “What was that coldness?” She thought. She stretched again, sure enough she felt a line of cold against her tail again. It was the farmers wrench collection! A row of shiny COLD wrenches were placed in the back of the drawer. This place is to cold and dangerous for newborn kittens she sighed. Limping out of the box she heard a cheerful chirp from above. Looking up toward the rafters was a barn swallow, “Hi ma’am, I see your dilemma. Your welcome to stay in the main Barn, there is plenty of room. I will lead the way.” Now it was dawn on the farm, the storm had passed. All the animals were stirring rising from their nights rest. Their was a golden glimmer in the sky as the mother cat followed the little barn swallow. The rooster crowed good morning as the pair passed the coop, the farmer smiled at the cat as he did his morning chores. She curled on his leg and kept moving forward. The barn had slits of sunshine now penetrating the voluminous space. Rows of dust dancing with the breeze. The mother cat climbed up the old wood steps higher and higher to the hay mow. She dodges a cows wet tongue as she makes her last leap. The hay smells sweet like clover, and the way it was stacked formed deep alcoves in between the bails. It was quiet, dry, warm and safe. “This will be my kittens home,” said the mother cat, and it was. Later that day the mother gave birth to six kittens who woke to the smell of sweetness, the warmth of their mother and the soft serenades of the barn swallow welcoming them into this world.

The End

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