Silly Shoe Store
At the intersection of Holler and Hoot street, tucked in the back was a shop that outfitted feet.

Extraordinary feet that is, from exotic locations, such as lush jungles and sprawling plantations.

You haven’t spent a day in my shoes well, maybe you have. If nothing more than for a chuckle or laugh.

The shop is owned by a Hog in Flip Flops, she’s Mrs. H. and also owns the restaurant next door called Sugary Slops.

For a little fun, and a small fee, one can buy some unusual shoes buy one get one free. (Or occasionally buy two get two free!)

Past customer have Polaroids tacked to the wall. Mrs D. in slippers, Lady Heifer in heels, Miss Monkeys sandals, and an Eagle’s claw cleats.

Mr. Salamanders sporty sneakers, Winged Owl wing tips, Mr. Cougars clogs, Professor Penguins penny loafers with ice chips.

The first customer of the day was Mr. G. Gopher of land and sea trails. Who requested boat shoes for his daily sails.

Then came a group of giraffes who needed footwear for a vacation out west. Cowboy boots purchased, buy two get two free. Each fitted to end at the knee.

Mrs H. Hog took a break for some Sugary Slop. Giggling and snorting to herself about her job.

Ms. A. Alligator came in unbeknownst, at a low altitude she made not a sound. Pumps purchased of faux red leather, to raise her mood and eye level.

A Handsome Hippo squeezed through the doors, rippling the structure shaking the floors. He wanted something to make himself stealth, a pair of moccasins would be good for his health.

Lastly entered Mr. C. Colt rearing with energy ready to bolt. High tops he, hee hawed, for support and sport. He galloped out the door for a snack of sweet grass, lingering as the sunset passed.

That was the last customer of the day. Now Mrs. H. invites you to stay, and try on some shoes before her next work day. Or Visit the Slop Counter next door, the treat of the day is gum-balls galore!

The end