Poetry “Watercolor”

I will attempt to describe

Is an art of painting
With Sight

Planning ahead
Holding the white

Protecting its place
Holdings it’s lines

Water so important
It makes the art alive

Colors turns to puddles
Sprays, and surprise

Pooling in places
Led for awhile

Drying like snowflakes
Crystal smiles

Mistakes are dabbed with cotton
Patience is needed

Blended intended at times
Or Separation beaded

Father your hands are skilled
You use living water

With pigments of color
You know the paper, the paint

strokes that are heavy
Or some that are faint

To wait for the beauty to unfold
For future chapters to be told

It all works together
Colors unseen, colors new

Crimson strokes
The Sons beauty

Spear pierced side
Sudden flow of blood

Mixed with water
A masterpiece

Painting of white

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