Poetry “Wash”

Wash, steam, heat
Body loosens

Dirt gone, stench wiped
Covered with flowers

Skin tightens, flakes shed
Reminder of death

Snakes skin does not grow
Parasites it holds

Our bodies heal restore
Expand, increase, develop

None of which we design or control
Oh Giver of Life, Passover Lamb

Wash us with your blood each day
Spirit dwell in us we pray

Sponge the salty dead
Purify the pain

Mop the mirror
So we can see

The Redeemer who rubs
The everlasting who erases

The King that cleanses
The Righteous who restores

The Alpha who adorns
The Omega who ordains

The Life Giver who Lifts
The Comforter who claims

Who washes in Jesus
Beautiful Name

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