Poetry “Wail”

Wail, a prolonged
High pitch cry

Of pain, grief, or anger
Wail, I wail

Again at this place
I know it well

Salt on face
Mascara smeared

Quick to recall
The past years yowls

The howls, moans, groans
The pain the darkness

Yet Lord you lift my sore neck
You bring to mind victory

Valiant saints, genuine friends
Prayer filled halls

Cures to cancer
Fertility answered

Those lead to the grave
Gripped, saved

Spouses reconciled
Rest for a little while

Train my mind
To remember

Not be lost in December
Or January’s cold

Spring is coming
Light is gaining

Praise you Lord
praise you King

Soul, sing!
Sing of grace

Sing of glory
Sing of the unchanging story

Of Christ risen for me
Darkness to light, I see.

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