Poetry “Tulips Bend”

Praise begets praise
When our voices raise

Thoughts rise with the sun
And worship the holy one

Golden light doth lay
On everything the creator made

To feel Him near, And share delight
Is like a day never ending in night

Lord I love thee with all that I am
From a feeble woman to little lamb

I was designed to need and praise
Like daffodils cups with spring rays

Bestow water, snow, dappled luster
Brilliance, gleam, dazzling upward

There scent is fresh and smells like green, green smells like Eden yet to be seen

Orange smells sweet, it ripples
And rises as it please

Yellow translucent pleated petals
Perfectly shaped, as though formed from metal.

Nearby tangled tulip friends
Praise our savior as they bend

Proclaiming to those near and far
Of the joy that was birthed below a brilliant star.

Of his life, luminance, lament, laughter. Of rising from death soon after.

Of ascension, in a cumulous cloud
Puffy, fluffy, unending glory

Begot by the father by whom all things Are made

The counselor given, all sins are now forgiven.

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