Poetry “Songs”


Chirping robins have not left
Nestled in for winter rest

Home of berries, bark assortment
Happy hybrid home apartment

Neighbors to acorn piles
Squatters on pine smiles

Plump from thanksgiving
Plumes ample, no shivering

Bright beak, carrot on the snowman
Nests weaved like wreaths, and overflowing fountains

Celebration songs, all winter long
Chimes cheerfully chirping

Delight in day, delight in life
Songs in all seasons, regardless of fight

Flight toward the brilliant blue sky
Perspective of the beauty, revived.

Liveliness, vitality, zest
Beauty adorned in a moment of rest.

Glide, descend, with the heavy sun
To provision given by God’s only Son.

Repent, repeat, enjoy the feast.
The bread, the body, the bounty, eternal relief.

Head lay down, to soft feather down
Mercies rise with the pink morning sky.

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