Poetry “Sacrifice”

The more we comprehend sacrifice,
The more we see love.

Love of things beautiful and glorious.
Just a petal, a spray of perfume.

Would a wedding bring tears,
Had not the father given the bride?

What about the mother bird,
Who shelters with her side.

The pounding, the cold, the suffering.
Love not understood, but we sing.

Offering of comfort
Offering for sin

Gifts, surrender, love
Fathers son, instead of dove

Hung upon the cross
Dead for our dross

Tears for years
The fathers loss

Victory, the ultimate cost.
Lovingly given, patiently taught.

The sacrifice of love
Holiness not forgot

Revealed through hardship
Requires our worship

Sacrifice brings light to love
Unveiling, unearthing, ultimately from above.

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