Poetry “Majesty Unveils”

Holy One Radiant
Beautiful infinite

The Sight that,
Makes sore eyes

The Sight that,
Brings souls flight

Edges glow
Leaves illuminate

The sun rises
Golden butter

Melting on the horizon
Sweetness, glow

Churning from one day
To the next

Effortless, brilliance

Path or perfect arch
Trail drawn in detail

Warmth, Delight, Sight
Daytime sings before night

Sun low clouds glow
Amber, fushia, plum

Slides beneath hills
All seems still

It’s glory refracts
Our thoughts distract

The Sun, Spoken Word
Poetry of pleasure

Ordained by the Father
Upheld by His Son

Homonyms meet, greet
Bring us to our knees

Burst, blast, blaze
Surge, spill, spout

Glory unconfined
Splendor shouting

Majesty unveiling
Wonder, worshiping

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