Poetry “Gallery in Air”

The sky is a daily exhibit of your might, ever changing from dawn till night.

The vastness of color, the brilliance of light, is moving, reassuring a true delight.

The speck of me the canvas of you. I am but a dot a stroke or two.

Of your masterful hand that composes with care. That billows the clouds and inserts air.

Truly father you are an artist. The broad sweeping landscapes to the delicate details.

Boundless, limitless, infinite are your works. I watching and gazing, my knee jerks.

Falling down, facing the ground, melodies surround. Greatness grandeur God abounds.

Evident through all creation. From the seed of maple to the the mountain foundations.

How Lord am I worthy to dwell, in this masterpiece of space, sight touch and smell?

To fix my eyes on thy changing mercies, to gape at the beauty unfurling.

Thank you Lord that I can lay and stare, at the gallery of your work on the earth and in the air.

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