Poetry “Beauty Laced”

Hunt for treasure
For beauty, for pleasure

Think of what’s lovely and pure
Search the sidewalk curbs

Grey sky’s grey ground
Not much to be found

Then I spot a green dot
A bud of Life spring caught

Continue on the weathered path
Sift through garbage and trash

Doors of copper shed their skin
Knobs of mint blend in

Bicycles locked to trees and fence
Wheels of color, shadows dispense

Symbols carved in limestone
Ages, years, attached to homes

Brown trees and limbs empty
But filled with robins a plenty

Roots of a tree knobbed and twisted
Laying on each other they whisper

Bark rough and wet dark brown yet
Moss of chartreuse, orange sunset

Grape vines twisted around post
Shriveled berries, dotted coast

Metal hub caps layered with snow
Mirror the white, tiny windows

Think of such things.
Find them, rejoice

Beauty laced, in unlikely places.
One of our Lords several graces.

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