Dazzling promises
Star gazing hopes

More then we dream
More than we ask

Counting each one
Impossible, challenging, changing.

The universe keeps

How is this possible
Without a son?

That he may reproduce
The Holy One?

That our old age would bear
That we could still care

For a bountiful, beautiful
Vigorous, flourishing baby boy.



A promise kept. Delight before death.
Jumping for joy, a baby boy.

Grow he does, loved he is.
A test for his father and mother.

What do they discover?
God’s provision of a ram.

Established in Heaven
The providential Lamb

The thickets For-shadow
The crown of thorns

Jesus was lifted defenseless
No warm garment or horns

Sacrificed he was on the wood
A fragrant offering of good

Of perfection, piety, praise
Hammer, nail, body raised

A new covenant
A champion who is worthy

He descended to the depths
He shot towards the stars

A promise kept. A promise that’s ours.

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