No eye has seen, no ear has heard,
The reward for those who trust the Word.

Brightness like the sun, color of springtime flower buds

The ripple of wind against the water,
Arms that hold us, our Heavenly Father

Skin soft peach, stars that we cannot reach, twinkle of lights at night

Chatruse moss, cyan sky, magenta sunsets in velvet nights

Emerald streets, ruby roads, foundations of pearl and rose

Towering cities, shadows gone.
Rainbow harmony, a hue song.

Painted canvases, pointed steeples
Balance of beauty, by those who were feeble.

Living with us, a king with no throne.
Whose marvel can not be etched in stone.

His glory dwells and yet reaches, beyond the heights, we are speechless

We bend low. We lay before.
The Sight that makes our eyes Sore.

Knees upon jewels, toes laid on clouds. Holy, holy we yell aloud.

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