Object Poetry

News: Basketball has been selected to be on display at Sculpture Park and Visual Arts Gallery, Governors State University.


Summer nights
Under garage lights

Rough texture
On my fingers

Ball worn flat
Scratched from concrete

Grassy hills
Green marks spill

Soil coated
Sprayed with hose

Sun meets field
Thud, thud, thud, bounce

Rhythmic music
Soothing serenade song

Game of horse
Miss, make, miss, silliness

Popsicle break
Sticky fingers of orange

Meet the ball
The melody begins

Friends join in
Hamburgers cooked

Sweet sweat, smells
Of smoke and grass

Stars dance high
Laughter through night

The game ends
The children walk in

The ball rests
From the stone scratches

It deflates
Just a little bit

Knowing next day
The music repeats

Sun meets field
Thud, thud, thud, bounce


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