Nerves of steel, now molting
Fires flame was scorching

Smoke filled nostrils
Coughing, wheezing, eyes burn

Fire on the lamp
My daughters blanket lit

Pick it up with bare hands
It spreads, it drops, it treads

My son watches from the sofa
With a blanket I smother

I hit I pat the orange flame
My body snuffs the oxygen

Flame out Carpet burnt
Alarms sound, babies cry

Old windows open to a cool breeze
Oxygen we begin to breathe

I hold my son, I hold my daughter
Thank you Lord the flame died

Thank you that we are safe inside
Thank you that little ones sigh

Thank you the fire was caught
That the wrapping paper

The puzzle pieces, the toys,
The table escaped the blaze

I am amazed. The timing to wait,
On naps. To smell the smoke stack.

To contact neighbors and husband
To replace tears with hugs

To replace two carpet squares
To toss a blanket from our wedding Day

That was precisely placed, on the floor it lay.

Mercies new each morning, each hour. Oh to count them like fields of flowers.

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