Will the sunrise
Will this pain flee

Twilights obscure state
Dust refracts, my spirit lacks

In between night and morning
In between earth and heaven

Mercy dear father mercy!
I bow before your throne of grace

Bring healing to this place
Remove the pain

Strands no longer sting
Eyes no longer wet

Bones straight, disc hydrate
Paths of pain removed from brain

Ache acute and dull
Be gone by our Saviors Blood

Loosen my muscles
Relieve the migraine

Tension turned limp
Shakes subside

Come to your throne with confidence, I lack most the time

By Jesus name and blood
Infuse me with life

Help my disbelief, help!
Jacob wrestled for the night

Then blessing, favor, grace
Protection in this place

Help me learn obedience
In this season. Remind me of your love.

Set my heart on things above.
I ask quickly restore my flesh.

May I find peace and rest.
I think the sun is rising.

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