Surrounded by frozen vegetables,
burritos, gel packs, freezer packs.

These things mountains,
and my weak inflamed body the valley.

I cry out to you lord. No answer.
When will this suffering stop?

I like a caterpillar grovel on the ground,
could this be my rest?

A cocoon, transformation
From this lowly body.

In this life healing, joy, change?
Will I float, from lightness?

Will I be bright as flower,
Ornamented as my wedding day?

So many questions no answers.
I am not in control, I do not understand.

This I know, you are a good father.
You are working all things for my good.

You will replace this mourning with laughter,
my sackcloth to a robe.

I do so feel it has been the year of burlap.
Pain upon strain. Toil, tears in soil.

Hope, pain, hope. A cycle of suffering .
Months of mockery in my head.

Savior please break the rhythm that is my life.
Be the source of new waves.

As a pebble drops in a pond,
dear rock of ages crash in the water.

Would there be a new and beautiful flow,
pattern, sight coming from thee.

Would it be shouts of praise.
Screams of delight. Lord please a break from the fight.

Would there be jubilation, merriment joy.
Laughter, delight, gaity and might.

Please usher in rest this year, a sabbatical break.
A time of community and communion.

Of beauty, praise, honor, all things noble.
Father restore Sarah noble.

Restore jonny noble. May they praise you with laughs,
and leap like youthful does.

We desire to tell of your deeds to the next generation. How do they praise you when suffering is all they’ve seen?

Would an avalanche of your mercy
pour down into this surrounded valley?

As it pours would it rise my plain to a plateau,
then to a peak where I may see you face.

I may peak on the face of the one and only, I am, I would be still. The fire of pain removed, the eternal flame revealed.

How I long for relief. For your presence faithful father.
For the weak made strong.

To see you in your courts,
to dine delicacies at your table of delights.

To walk with you in light.
To laugh, to wave palms, to rest under canopy.

Please lord, heal me, sustain me,
give me my daily bread.

And by your goodness,
raise high this women who is laid low.

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