Lord what does surrender mean?
Does it bring toil and suffering.

Skin burns, eyes twitch, foot numb
Weakness seems to have overcome

Open palms, pruned trees
Wildness wandering

Juniper roots are bitter and harsh
Mushrooms grow in the marsh

Dormant plants are they sleeping?
Dry eyes still weeping

Good, good father I sing again
Memories of hospital robes enter in

True words, I am loved by you.
Undeniable, irrefutable, unassailable

Surrender to the potters hands
Jars of clay, earth and sand

Formed for purposes, formed for plans. Shaped and molded they still stand.

Some with brilliant glaze, others feed sheep while they graze

Our mold is unique but configured to suffer. Representing our savior and brother.

Placed in the furnace. Embers so hot. Does all this seem for not?

The Glory that is His. The grace that is ours. Suffering with purpose and some with scars.

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