Imagine- Journel Entry March 2017

The colors I paint with cannot capture the sunsets you paint. The sound of the Breeze in the trees and birds chirping is such a beautiful song. The sunshine on my face fills me with joy. You are light. I will look on your face for all eternity. I will listen to angels worshipping you with harp and flute. I will lay in grass greener than any field I have ever seen. I will talk with you, laugh with you in your garden of juicy, bright, changing fruit. I will rest in your arms. I will be with you always. I will be with those whom I love and love you. I will be with my God, how awesome is that? That I get to spend eternity with the one who loves me. I imagine the restored earth, will there be flowers I have never seen? Animals that sing to you? Trees that dance? Rainbows daily? A softness to the grass that is smoother than silk. Will I paint your face? Will I paint the animals that promenade before you or the tree of life?…

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