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Poetry Book Release

Sarah’s Lament: Divine Appeal To Heal will be released in the Summer. The book will be a compilation of poetry and art! Thanks to Cladach Publishing for partnering with me on this exciting endeavor!

Poetry “Watercolor”

Watercoloring I will attempt to describe Is an art of painting With Sight Planning ahead Holding the white Protecting its place Holdings it’s lines Water so important It makes the art alive Colors turns to puddles Sprays, and surprise Pooling in places Led for awhile Drying like snowflakes Crystal smiles Mistakes are dabbed with cotton Patience is needed Blended intended …

Poetry “Beauty Laced”

Hunt for treasure For beauty, for pleasure Think of what’s lovely and pure Search the sidewalk curbs Grey sky’s grey ground Not much to be found Then I spot a green dot A bud of Life spring caught Continue on the weathered path Sift through garbage and trash Doors of copper shed their skin Knobs of mint blend in Bicycles …