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Honorable Mention Award

The results of Light Space and Times Pattern Competition have been posted.   Lily Pad Mosaics received Honorable Mention and is listed under the top 15 Artist in the category of photography! Patterns Art Exhibition – Photography & Digital Category  

Filming of The Deed TV Series

Recently I started working with Haven Home Staging, they are the staging group that is responsible for all the backdrops in the Filming of Reality TV Series The Deed, which is a real estate investment show in Chicago. They desired to use local Artist so four of my pieces will be in the backdrop! Lion of East Village, Ripples on …

Contemporary Online Gallery Contest

Online Exhibition now open! Slide Reflections is featured on the front page for photography, check it out.

Solo Exhibit photos!

The exhibit was a wonderful event! Thank you to West Loop Chiropractic for hosting and for the many friends, neighbors and new friends who stopped by.

Gift Poetry

The kingdom of God is A gift It is not achieved by a list Nor human effort or strain Without merit or claim Received by the Helpless Life, for the Lifeless Gates opened wide No patrons inside Only the meek and meager The humble believers Who took Christ at His Word The Word that Became Flesh That lived, breathed and …

Solo Exhibit Upcoming!

August 17, 6:30-8:30 at 16 N Peoria in the West Loop Sport Injury Center. Join us for a wide range of art to browse and purchase, photography from the East Village Series, West Loop Series, Wicker Park Series and more! Acrylic paintings of Lily Pads and Pastures. Watercolor of Still Life and abstract Flowers. Complimentary wine and rolling table massage:)

Voyage Chicago Post

News: Onion Dome image is featured on the website Voyage Chicago, see link below! Interview to come!

Poetry “Greenhouse”

Oh greenhouse so lovely, Summer in winter Leaves raise and stand proud Not swirling outside Respites reward for those who seek Places of peace Perches of gaity, unroll like candy Nooks of detail Spots, spikes, holes and shadows Textures bend and spill Sprinkles of water lie on leaf Mirroring architecture Laced with light, laughing Brimming, fluttering faster Red poinsettias smile …