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Listed as a contributor for the Arts Section, several watercolors are mixed through this creative Christian work. See more at:

Romans String Art

It follows the concept of the Romans Road. The horizontal paths of chaos is us, left to our own devices. When the gospel enters in (forming the cross) our paths become straight and purposeful.  The process was powerful, of nailing the cross in the wood first. The reality that our Savior hands and feet cringed at the roughness of the …


A Sojourner, A visitor A temporary stay. Traveling in foreign landHome so far away. Comforts, food, kin Traditions memory. A longing, an acheA sunset of sensory. How do we travel on?In dismay or storm? Trajectory confusedNot the current of norm. For this life does not endureLike the one that is to come. Sons, Daughters, Sojourners,Till we reach eternal home.