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Echoes of Chicago Virtual Gallery

10 pieces will be shown In the echoes of Chicago 2020 Holiday event. 20 Percent of proceeds will go raise more money for Housing Opportunities for Women. Check it out! Virtually Holidazed. Virtual, Avatar-Based Environment FREE with a suggestion of any size donation A virtual open gallery experience November 27th – December 21st Art Gallery showcasing local artists  A Marketplace …

Visionary Projects Gallery

Storm in Layers was one of 51 pieces selected from artist around the world, exhibited in an online gallery through the well known group Visionary Projects New York, New York! Check out some art that has been created in the last six months specifically.

Lost Pen Magazine

Listed as a contributor for the Arts Section, several watercolors are mixed through this creative Christian work. See more at:

Romans String Art

It follows the concept of the Romans Road. The horizontal paths of chaos is us, left to our own devices. When the gospel enters in (forming the cross) our paths become straight and purposeful.  The process was powerful, of nailing the cross in the wood first. The reality that our Savior hands and feet cringed at the roughness of the …